A new Generation of Software Packaging

The software packaging solution RayPack enables packaging and re-packaging of software applications.

With RayPack the editing and creation of classic software package formats such as MSI, MST and MSP as well as virtual package formats, e.g. App-V, ThinApp and SWV is as easy as 1-2-3.
RayPack is capable of converting your software packages into the format required by automated deployment solutions like our very own RayManageSoft or Microsoft SCCM©.

You are invited to evaluate RayPack for yourself and find out, this is the best solution for successful software packaging.


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  • Feature Highlights in RayPack 1.4

    Software Packaging User Experince



    New User Interface

    Raynet has always proved itself to be one of the rare international software houses with modern and vivid design approaches. Usability and responsiveness are not only the key chapters of our fundamental UI development guidelines. In fact, this RayPack release introduces the latest generation of the RaySuite product family, which follow our design doctrine of strict clarity, organization, and compelling view compositions. You are most welcome to dive into the new functional dress, to share our joy for the outcome of sophisticated engineering, and to embrace the benefits it offers for the efficiency of your everyday packaging business fulfilment.


  • Feature Highlights in RayPack 1.4

    RayPack 1.4 PackPoint




    Ongoing resource management is one of the key requirements for sustainable and efficient packaging factory maintenance. Therefore, RayPack has been extended with the organizational PackPoint unit, which is used as dedicated location for persistent configuration and customization definitions. The PackPoint provides support for centralized and release independent adjustments to the functional core of RayPack. No matter if a packaging team is spread all over the world, or concentrated in a local office – with PackPoint all shared resources are well structured and administrated easily.



  • Feature Highlights in RayPack 1.4

    RayPack 1.4 ThinApp




    With the integration of support for VMWare’s ThinApp as virtual package format, RayPack extends its profile as all-rounder for enterprise packaging requirements. The combination of RayPacks substantial software package design features with the advanced application virtualization options contained within ThinApp (versions 4.6 to 5.1) streamlines design, delivery, and management of nowadays workplaces.

  • Feature Highlights in RayPack 1.4

    RayPack 1.4 Package Signing



    Package Signing

    The integrity of any enterprise IT infrastructure is under permanent pressure, exerted by external threats as well as potential internal abuse. In order to make sure that any device within an environment is managed and fully under control, many security guidelines for IT infrastructures demand that only signed applications are deployed to end-user devices. The upcoming RayPack release contains a new feature to sign any MSI generated by or edited with RayPack. Utilizing industry standard technology for package signing guarantees both, minimal effort for achieving an invariably authorized software portfolio and maximal security for the valuable infrastructure assets.

  • Feature Highlights in RayPack 1.4

    RayPack 1.4 Semi-automated exclusion creation



    Semi-automated exclusion creation

    The profile based exclusion lists for clean and optimized system snapshots have always been an integral part of RayPacks core feature set. They become even handier with the new option to adjust their items directly from the RCP Editor interface. Cleaning an explicit capture project content and maintaining the exclusion lists have been molded into one step, improving two main aspects of working with RayPack at the same time: usability and efficiency.

  • Feature Highlights in RayPack 1.4

    RayPack 1.4 Runtime operations registry



    Runtime operations registry

    The MSI standard with its broad set of default tables and columns covers a lot of basic functionality required for the control of installer routines. However, removing keys and values from a specific registry hive during an uninstallation procedure is a quite common task, but nonetheless needs a havoc of custom action or direct table content fumbling with most packaging frameworks. Well, take a deep breath and relax. These days are over for the community of RayPack users. The same clear methods already known from runtime operations on files and folders have been extended to cover registry objects as well, allowing users to click their way to tailor made installer routines.

  • Feature Highlights in RayPack 1.4

    RayPack 1.4 Configuration options for App-V & ThinApp



    Configuration options for App-V & ThinApp

    Whilst former releases of RayPack introduced support for basic App-V package generation, 1.4 extends it to an expert level of configurability. The build options dialog also contains settings for on-the-fly fine-tuning of ThinApp package generation.
    Enterprises utilize the specialized adjusting screws for virtualization requirements provided within the sophisticated configuration interface Raynet has integrated into the RayPack settings profile management.  


Pack'em All

Operate on Industry Standards

RayPack supports industry standard formats such as MSI, MST, MSM or even virtual packages! It integrates seamlessly with market-leading workflow, software deployment and data storage systems.



Declare your Packaging Independence

RayPack eases the pain that usually comes along with bulky vendor software packages by utilizing uniquely elaborated repackaging engines, time-saving trouble-shooting facilities, and intuitive user interface support for advanced procedures. 




Use your Weapon of Choice

Where the native installer technology fails to deliver, we extend the functionality! Unleash RayPack components such as PackRecorder, PackTailor, and PackDesigner for full packaging power. RayPack is easy to learn and fun to master.  


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  • RayPack COM extraction and Self-registration



    COM extraction and Self-registration

    PackDesigner is now able to extract the COM registration from certain types of files (as a general setting on import as well as at manual demand) and store them as registration information within the component to which the target DLL file belongs to. Additionally, a new tab has been added to the file properties dialog, enabling the control of self-registration at runtime.

  • RayPack Never get lost


    Never get lost

    Our Windows 8© inspired interface exposes the right information you need. The Visual Designer Mode is the coolest cat in town, presenting complex structures in easily comprehendible view sets. But hey – feel free to go ahead and benefit from the extra level of functionality offered by the Advanced Mode and its direct Installer database access options.

    When Windows Installer has limitations, we extend the functionality! Text replacements, SQL scripts and databases, IIS websites, task scheduling, permissions and more are examples of functionality offered only by RayPack! Wrapped into a clean cut state of the art user interface, RayPack’s functional core is the companion that never lets you down.

  • RayPack Permissions under control



    Permissions under control

    The best, most flexible and easy to use permissions control for deployed files, folders and registries. Period.

    Create custom security rules with a few clicks or lock down particular areas of system - all options you know from Microsoft© SecEdit technology are simply there! As always with RayPack features: Easy to use for beginners, powerful for advanced users.

  • RayPack CAB handling at its best



    CAB handling at its best

    The exclusive CAB splitting / rebuilding features let you control the compression of any MSI, even from 3rd party vendors!

    • Compress unpacked admin images (for example with slipstreamed patches) back to single files or back to a single files with CABs.
    • Recompress the MSI – split the CABS to arbitrary size in order to save bandwidth and achieve a better performance on locations with low WAN speed.
    • Control the CAB file separation level individually for each target package build.
  • RayPack Superior repackaging



    Superior repackaging

    Our capture engine is the fastest on the market. But for Raynet that is no reason at all to rest on these laurels: RayPack’s system snapshots get even more efficient by their flexible reusability, allowing users to save the snapshot to a single file containing all required meta-data. At any time in the future, users may go back and use the content of that snapshot instead of creating a new one for every repackaging task. Building up a library of snapshots saves time during both, actualrepackaging tasks as well as additional quality control investigations on package behavior.

  • RayPack Upgrade management



    Upgrade management

    Since working with RayPack is part of the infinite Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management process (EALM), handling clean upgrade procedures is one of the vital functionalities professional packagers require. Being able to correctly deal with small, minor and major upgrades is a benefit for all those who strive for continuity, stability, and - as far as RayPack is concerned – for the convenience of a nicely designed wizard as well.

    Upgrades can be executed faster and more reliable when RayPack’s integrated upgrade synch is used to detect the optimal upgrade resource bundle. MSI related packaging with RayPack gets the best results from the Windows Installer engine for each and every end user supplied by your packaging factory. You are highly welcome to test it yourself – and realize that sometimes a satisfied smile is only a synchronization away. 

  • RayPack Virtual package generation



    Virtual package generation

    Where virtual package formats are concerned, RayPack supports Microsoft’s App-V 4.6 and 5.0 as well as Symantec’s reliable package virtualization format SWV and VMWare's ThinApp. Users prepare their packaging projects with the substantial feature set of PackDesigner or PackRecorder, and simply export to one of the virtual package formats. Clean, simple and with minimal effort.

  • RayPack Windows Installer Patch (MSP) generation



    Windows Installer Patch (MSP) generation

    As an extension to the existing functionality of transform generation, any Windows Installer database (.msi) can be used as foundation for building MSP files. In RayPack 1.4, creating industry-standard format patches is straightforward and requires close to no technical knowledge. A patch can be created from two MSI files, or from quick adjustments made in the current session against the original installer database. It is a great way of deploying both: small and minor upgrades, as well as fixes to custom made, already deployed packages.

    Replacing a file with a newer version has also become a straightforward task with RayPack 1.3 – simply right click a file to be replaced and select the new version. The file will be gracefully updated on save/rebuild, keeping the original structure of files, components and other connections intact.

Join the Raynet Family

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you went to your favorite software house, told them that your business requires a specific functionality, and they actually surprised you with its delivery in the next software release? We listen to our customers, and strive to satisfy their needs whenever we see a benefit for the user community. 


Benefit from Decades of Experience

Raynet is a leading service provider in the international application packaging and virtualization market. The experience we gained over decades, in hundreds of packaging projects, by delivering tens of thousands of packages – it is all molded into RayPack. We don’t talk packaging, we live it.     

Control your Processes with RaySuite 

For insiders, Raynet already enjoys a successful track record in High Performance Application Management. Raynet has developed RaySuite, a well defined and comprehensive process for application management. RayPack is the packaging component within the product suite, providing best of breed facilities for successful application packaging.

Inhale our State of the Art User Interface Design

Stop tormenting yourself with picky interfaces and complex procedures! We combined the best designs and tools together to increase your productivity and make the packaging process faster, reliable and more accurate.

Use One Source to Rule Them All

The innovative RayPack packaging project source files save your precious time with their highly flexible one-source-for-all approach. By designing them XML based, Raynet has made it possible to manage, share, and improve -once assembled- solution settings with popular tools for versioning and source control.  

Enhance your profile

Wouldn’t it be handy if all your packaging projects relied on a centralized set of thoroughly defined settings? Available for all packagers working in a team, founding a shared library of specialized configurations per project scope? Yes Sir, it surely would! Our profile driven packaging method was engineered to provide a maximum of flexibility whilst maintaining quality essential aspects of standardization.




Keep your application managed

We have understood that application packaging is more than simply creating the right package, the package right, or package rights. Successful enterprise application management includes to know which features are required to make the package fit, to have a clear definition of who exactly needs to have it, to deliver it with the lowest possible business downtime, and to prepare upgrades for loss-free future readiness     

Learn from the best

Raynet has top packaging engineers and consultants who have already trained packagers all over the world. You are most welcome to participate in our RayAcademy program, and get the individually tailored training that suits your needs: On-site or off-site, web-based or classroom oriented, with product oriented certification exams or general partner status benefits. You name it, we train it!  

Trust in experience and best practice

RayPack allows you to follow recommended best practice procedures, and extend them beyond to fit your individual needs. Just imagine project specific package validation rules. There is no need to follow a comprehensive worldwide standard, when your requirement specs point to a significantly different target. Customize your RayPack system to build a muscle that perfectly pushes your business to the next level. 




Take the fast lane

Compared to other packaging frameworks commonly used in professional packaging factories, the RayPack capture engine is significantly faster. Our benchmarks prove, that RayPack users can save up to 30% of time spent per standard repackaging process! We stand up to the test: Simply get yourself a trial license and compare RayPack to your former packaging framework. Both, RayPack’s capture speed and scope flexibility will convince you to switch to our lane.

Go productive in no time

It does not matter if you bring experience from your current packaging authoring tool or have never ever packed an application before: RayPack gives you the freedom to follow your very own best practice tactics, or to dive into a pleasant pool of guided procedures. We enable you to seize the world of nowadays packaging challenges at your own pace and style.  

Scale your system on demand

Every IT environment is a snapshot that meets a specific set of requirements with a (hopefully) precisely designed set of solutions. Nonetheless, our world is not static but highly dynamic. Therefore, RayPack easily adjusts to changing needs. Simply add or remove one of the optional add-ons, change your licensed edition, spread packaging machines over several locations, or embed your packaging factory into a substantial ALM framework.  

Don´t talk – just pack!

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Werfen Sie einen Blick auf unseren Download-Bereich mit Release Notes, Produktflyer, Einsteigerlektüre und vielem mehr.


Live Webinare

Wir bieten regelmäßige Live-Sessions über das Internet an, in denen wir neue Features vorstellen, Ihr wertvolles Feedback aus realen Einsatzszenarien einholen und Lösungsansätze für aktuelle Herausforderungen der Paketierungswelt mit Ihnen diskutieren.

Entscheiden Sie sich für die Englische oder Deutsche Sprachversion, registrieren Sie sich für die Teilnahme und seien Sie Teil des Epizentrums der RayPack Entwicklung!

Support knowledge base

Knowledge Base

Die Raynet Knowledge Base ist Quelle für Tipps & Tricks aus Best Practice Ansätzen, der Ort an dem man Erfahrungswerte mit der Gemeinschaft teilen kann, und der Ausgangspunkt um vom Power-User zum Produkt-Guru zu mutieren.






Video Tutorials

Mit unseren Video-Anleitungen erfahren Sie Schritt für Schritt wie zentrale Paketierungsaufgaben in RayPack optimal gehandhabt werden können. Lehnen Sie sich zurück, genießen Sie einen Kaffee, und starten Sie ganz bequem Ihren Einstieg in die Welt von RayPack!

Support knowledge base

24/7 Support

Stecken Sie irgendwo fest? Kein Problem! Unser Support-Team steht rund um die Uhr zur Verfügung, und hilft Ihnen sehr gerne mit Rat und Tat weiter. Das Raynet Support Panel bietet sowohl die Möglichkeit, neue Tickets zu eröffnen, als auch den Status bestehender Support-Anfragen zu prüfen. Und weil Probleme weder am Ausgang des Büros noch zum Feierabend aufhören, ist unser Support mit jedem noch so mobilen Gerät per Internet und Browser erreichbar.



Regelmäßig bietet unsere Trainingsabteilung Schulungen für alle Produkte und Dienstleistungen von Raynet und seinen Partnern innerhalb des Application Lifecycle Managements an.

Unsere erstklassigen Schulungen sind auf die Bedürfnisse unserer Kunden zugeschnitten und werden ständig aktualisiert. Es werden aktuelle Software-Veröffentlichungen verwendet und an sich ändernde Anforderungen angepasst. Gemeinsam mit erfahrenen Projektmanagern und einem großen Netzwerk an Partnern und Trainern hat Raynet viel Kompetenz bei der Entwicklung neuer Themen und deren Anpassung an die Ansprüche des Kunden.

For Innovators

For all customers owning one or more licenses of a standalone Enterprise packaging tool with a valid maintenance


arrow.png Get your RayPack license and maintenance for up to 10% less than the price of the yearly maintenance on your current packaging tool


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For Oldschoolers

Available for all customers owning one or more licenses of Wise Package Studio


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